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Keystone Packard Moving Van, Custom Pro-Restored - WOW!

Listing ID: 195
Seller: gengoz
City: Fort Payne
State: AL
Zip: 35967
Country: United States
Phone: (423) 580-5736
Phone 2: (256) 997-0111
Price: $750.00
Listing Began: 3/27/11
optional field 1 Keystone
optional field 2 1926
optional field 3 Restored
optional field 4 Pressed Steel
optional field 5 23"L x 13" H x 8.25"W

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL pro-restoration of a classic Keystone Moving Van. I call this "custom" pro-restored, because this version has an open cab, where all the other pictures I've seen of the Keystone Moving Van have the enclosed cab. I may be able to find out more from the restorer, who signed the bottom of the truck, and will post the explanation here if I learn more.

As it is, this is one gorgeous piece that will be the centerpiece of any pressed steel collection. It is in mine!

The only flaws I find are a tiny nick in the upper left part of the box, and some faint rub marks on the top front edge of the box. THERE ARE NO DENTS IN THE TOP, and if it looks like there are, it's only from the overhead lights causing a reflection in the photos! You really have to look hard to find anything wrong with this one!

Measures a little over 23" Long, 13" Tall. Weighs almost 13 lbs, so figure shipping weight at 20 lbs., with a good sturdy box. Local pickup also possible.

Reduced!! Now Only $750.00

Offers Considered...Let's Dicker!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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