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Hubley Golden Arrow Racer with Animated Exhaust - ORIGINAL

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Seller: gengoz
City: Fort Payne
State: AL
Zip: 35967
Country: United States
Phone: (423) 580-5736
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Price: $900.00
Listing Began: 12/24/13
optional field 1 Hubley
optional field 2 1938
optional field 3 Very Good
optional field 4 Cast Iron
optional field 5 10.375"
This is a correct and ORIGINAL Hubley Golden Arrow Racer....NOT one of the reproductions you often see on eBay. I know, because I have the reproduction, too, and there is no comparison in quality! The casting on the real thing is much smoother, the details are cleaner and more exact. Also, the reproduction is about one-fourth inch shorter than the original (cast iron shrinks when it cools, so the re-cast repros are just a bit shorter). This car measures 10.375" from the tip of the tail fin to the tip of pull-string eyelet in front. I don't include the tires in my measurements, because they can vary.

Has the original wheels and rubber tires (which are quite hard, and with a few nicks). The wheels are also loose from play, but the left front wheel still grabs the axle that turns to make the animated exhaust flames go up and down. Correct split face driver, too. Car is dated 1938, stamped underneath (could be 1936). NO CRACKS, BREAKS OR CASTING FLAWS.

This car was originally orange, but had a repaint many years ago. Very well done (probably by the kid's dad).  You can see spots of orange peeking through the red, and evidence of paint wear to the original orange finish, which is probably why it was painted. Or maybe the kid didn't like orange! After painting it was still heavily played with, evidence by the wear on the two "arms" underneath that make the flames go up and down.

Wonderful toy, and has been in my collection for years....but time to find it a new home. Haven't You Been Good This Year??


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