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Your satisfaction is vital to our success! To provide you with top notch customer service, we welcome your comments and suggestions. To look for quick answers to your questions please try using our help page by clicking HERE. If you find that our help pages still do not address your concern, please select a subject from the drop down list below and send us a short statement of your concern.

If you need direct, personal assistance with your ad listings, or to SPEAK TO SOMEONE about setting up a business account, you can call me Toll Free DIRECT and I'll help.

Gary Gengozian


Toys to Sell, but don't want to advertise?

Yes, I occasionally buy toys if they fit my collection, or if it's something that interests me. And I'll also offer an opinion on toys, with my limited knowledge (it's hard to know everything about toys!) If you want an opinon or an offer on your toys, please send me an Email and attach pictures. I can't render any opinions without seeing some good pictures of what you have.

Send to: Gary@myoldtoy.com