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About Our Rates and Dealer Stores

OUR GENERAL PRICE PLAN...$1.00 Per Month, Per Ad
Real Simple. A buck a month. Schedule your ad month-to-month, or sign up for longer terms in advance. 6 Months is $6.00, 1 Year is $12.00. All prices are for ONE LISTING, which includes unlimited text and up to 12 pictures.

Multiple Ad Placements - SHOPPING CART Feature!
When you complete your ad placement process, you will be taken to a payment page, with an option to add your listing to your SHOPPING CART. You can then start placing another ad, which can also go into your shopping cart when you're finished. When you have completed all your ad listings, you can then choose to CHECK OUT, and pay for all your listings at one time.

Payment Forms Accepted
We accept PayPal (and credit cards through the PayPal site), as well as checks and money orders. Please understand there will be a slight delay in your ad startup when paying by check or money order, until we receive your payment in the mail. You can still input your ads, and they will simply be placed on hold while we await your check or money order. It is not difficult, and we will process payments quickly, and notify you when your ad has been approved.To avoid any delays and to get your ad started immediately, use PayPal. It is safe, secure, and the most accepted form of payment on the internet.

Toy dealers and collectors who need to advertise several toys can qualify for a substantial discount as a monthly subscriber. For $10.00 a month (or only $100 for a full year) you can have up to 100 active listings, PLUS you get a unique DEALER STORE to display your wares and advertise your business.

Your Dealer Store is your own unique web site,
hosted by MyOldToy. It shows only your ad listings. It also has extra pages you can use for contact information, "About Us," or any other good stuff about your toy business. You can even choose a domain name for your store, and have your own custom url or web address. I'll show you how!

A Dealer Store on MyOldToy.com is the easiest way to have your own web site, without all the hassle and expense of set up and maintenance.

I'll even help you get started with header design, category setup, extra pages, and your domain name setup (or you can do it yourself). To see what a Dealer Store looks like, click on any category that has ads, and then click on the storefront icon to the right of any ad listing. The Dealer Store for that advertiser will open up in a separate window of your browser. It's this "web page" that you can assign your own domain name to, which you can then send to customers and prospects, use in print ads, or any other way you would use a web site.

TO SIGN UP FOR A DEALER STORE, when you register, simply enter DEALER in the subscription code box on the first registration page.

As a Dealer you can choose from the following Subscription Terms:


$10.00 $30.00 $55.00 $100.00

After you register and choose a subscription term, you will not be charged for your subscription until you place your first ad. When you place your first ad, at checkout you will be given a choice of how you want to pay for your subscription (Paypal is easiest, and all credit cards are accepted).

When your subscription is about to expire, you will receive an Email reminder so you can renew your subscription before it expires. When your subscription expires, all active ads will also expire.

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE ALREADY REGISTERED under the General Price Plan and you want to change to a Dealer Subscription plan, YOU MUST CONTACT US directly so that we can change your plan.  Unfortunately, there is no way to do it yourself through the web site. Contact me by phone or Email, and I can take care of the change quickly.

With a Dealer Subscription, there is NO LIMIT ON AD CHANGES OR THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOU CAN START A NEW AD...The only limit is the number of active ads at any time (100). In other words, you can start 100 ads, cancel one of them a week later, and start a new one...just as long as you don't exceed the total ad limit of 100 ads. If that's not enough ads for your business, contact me and I'll customize a plan for you.

PLEASE CONTACT ME if you have questions about the Dealer plan or Dealer Store. You should include your telephone number in your Email, and the best time to reach you.

Help Is Always Just an Email Away
If you do not understand the rate structures, not sure how we figured your charges, or have any other questions about advertising rates, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help.


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